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  • Jhay Carter
    Jhay Carter3 jam yang lalu

    Haland gf: my parents aren't home yet Haland: should i pick them up?

  • A & A Boosted Performance
    A & A Boosted Performance3 jam yang lalu

    Am I missing something here ??he was 3rd and chandler was 4th ranked how he become a champ??

  • R'zeebeats Official
    R'zeebeats Official3 jam yang lalu

    The saddest fight in UFC history

  • NefariousPorpoise
    NefariousPorpoise3 jam yang lalu

    Starts at 1:50 ish

  • Gurpal Sidhu
    Gurpal Sidhu3 jam yang lalu

    My leg hurts just watching those first leg kicks😂

  • R'zeebeats Official
    R'zeebeats Official3 jam yang lalu

    Chandler deffo not champ material Looks like he'll go down that Lawler Mike Perry route

  • superduperman
    superduperman3 jam yang lalu

    Top 100% deserves to raise that trophy up above his head as much as any player on that team. He is a credit to sport.

    GAMEBREAKER3 jam yang lalu

    Guys need to respect Kyle Walker

    GAMEBREAKER3 jam yang lalu

    Man said Sterling LWB

  • Tom cat
    Tom cat3 jam yang lalu

    What's up with guy never gives credit to any team losers attitude

  • panaboy
    panaboy3 jam yang lalu

    go Perdellotti go

  • Papiya Ghosh
    Papiya Ghosh3 jam yang lalu

    Messi during the whole speech: I reckon this is not English. Messi after "I love football": wait what!!

  • TripleB1888
    TripleB18883 jam yang lalu

    Tony didnt look like he had any power at all. Hes lucky this was not another 2 rounds

  • B.Alexander Johnstone
    B.Alexander Johnstone3 jam yang lalu

    Great lad (I should say lads, plural, sorry Rio).

  • Sau Pi
    Sau Pi3 jam yang lalu

    Thanks goodness Rio and Joe aren't managing.... playing the dream 11 .... picking young players... midfield is where they loose

  • Eugene Noah
    Eugene Noah3 jam yang lalu

    This guy sounds like he encouraged divorcing or somewhat poligamy.

  • John Paul McDonald
    John Paul McDonald3 jam yang lalu

    Excellent interview style Adam.. Rocky is a likeable, well spoken warrior and his time will come.... Ps, this side of the water the interviews from BT are miles ahead of American interviews, it isn't going unnoticed... BYM= no1 podcast Dan Hardy = no1 nuanced breakdowns, no one has the patience that dude has to go so in depth.... Adam and nick and bisping =€ for BT.... Plus amazing content for us... Keep it up 💪

  • Hector Rico
    Hector Rico3 jam yang lalu


  • Petr Firosman
    Petr Firosman3 jam yang lalu

    Gerrard je bezpáteřní odpad vesmíru! Sračka všech sraček.. Už jako hráč se choval jak píča a jako trenér je ještě horší .. Nemáš respekt a nikdy ho mít nebudeš ty ubožáku!! Nic jsi neslyšel, nikdo nic neslyšel, ale všichni víte jak to bylo .. Hráli jste jako prasata, fotbal neumíte a jen se snažíte odvézt pozornost od toho, že neumíte hrát fotbal.. Celý skotsko je plný ubožáků a sraček .... Proti Slavii si nebyli schopný vypracovat jedinou gólovou šanci, za dva zápasy :D ubožáci .. Dopadnete tam špatně a já se těším až tak nastane :D

  • m b
    m b3 jam yang lalu

    I don’t think it was a delayed reaction watch his legs lower as soon as it lands, I think he tried poker facing it but his body would allow it.

  • Matthew Hunter
    Matthew Hunter3 jam yang lalu

    Stop uploading the fights in interlaced.

  • Bastian Sohel
    Bastian Sohel3 jam yang lalu

    6:07 Tony is looking like Dwayne Johnson in 144p😂

  • BRKS1999
    BRKS19993 jam yang lalu

    The type of stuff we get stoppages for now compared to this

  • Khon kwang lok ch
    Khon kwang lok ch3 jam yang lalu

    I understand why footbal is the heart of England, congratulations from thai fans

  • Other
    Other3 jam yang lalu


  • This Is Boxing Productions
    This Is Boxing Productions3 jam yang lalu

    4:33 - this is almost the same left hook Oliveira landed in the second round.

  • Hector Rico
    Hector Rico3 jam yang lalu

    Kyle Walker HAS to go. Won another league title and reached a CL final. One of England's most experienced winners. Rio's excuse of "let's bed in youth" wtf...its a world cup not a pre-season tournament. We need our leaders and most experienced players. Nonsense excuse to leave out Walker, Harry Kane and Walker are the first 2 names on that squad sheet, simple.

  • AJ Pasiola
    AJ Pasiola3 jam yang lalu

    I'm so happy for Charles! Congrats champ!

  • Dan Neal
    Dan Neal3 jam yang lalu

    Hoddle has failed at every managerial job he's had

  • Glazers Out
    Glazers Out3 jam yang lalu

    Who ever would of thought a Pole would equal and go on to be Top Goal scorer for a German Club after the WW's

  • Zion Zion
    Zion Zion3 jam yang lalu

    Who’s here after the fury wilder trilogy

  • Sha Mou
    Sha Mou3 jam yang lalu

    "The players gave it everything!" 🤣🤣🤣 This after a 4:0 defeat !!! Then no more improvement is possible !!!! Marina, don’t be a sissy, fetch your Siberian axe and sack Emma and Pernille Harder. Both failed completely 👎👎👎👎👎

  • ben wood
    ben wood4 jam yang lalu

    I'm only here for Dustin's wife

  • StarDroGeN
    StarDroGeN4 jam yang lalu

    118-110??? This is why boxing is a shitshow of a sport. Corrupt to the bone. Also the fact that GGG never got that trilogy also shows everything wrong with boxing. Nothing but name building and dodging the real fights to build your record against bums

  • john smith
    john smith4 jam yang lalu

    Jesus he can't even talk.

  • A Ali
    A Ali4 jam yang lalu

    good to see big sam nailing the thumbnails

  • Kyrkos Ekaterinaris
    Kyrkos Ekaterinaris4 jam yang lalu

    THIS is what I want to watch! This, not any stupid "super league".

  • Hamzah Mahmood
    Hamzah Mahmood4 jam yang lalu

    3:27 For those who think Beckham was slow.

  • Rohan Thomson
    Rohan Thomson4 jam yang lalu

    0:55 Jimmy coming back in the summer

  • Sean Paul Mcqueen
    Sean Paul Mcqueen4 jam yang lalu

    GGG Won both fights

  • Ultimate Fight Talk
    Ultimate Fight Talk4 jam yang lalu

    What a great fight, could have gone either way

  • GD OZ
    GD OZ4 jam yang lalu

    Definitely a trade up from Frank Lampard

  • Cool Name
    Cool Name4 jam yang lalu

    Dude sounds like a weenie.... fat 50 year old man with no training.........train me dana give me 90 days and I will fight that guy...

  • Mo Abdi
    Mo Abdi4 jam yang lalu

    If he leaves they will win everything i don’t understand why people can’t see this he’s from Sunderland and got them relegated lol

  • Dr Mac Antony Michael
    Dr Mac Antony Michael4 jam yang lalu

    I'm a Milan fan and I might not be 100% unbiased but I still gotta say this - Tomori must be in that England squad. No two ways about it.

  • SuperPunjabi12345
    SuperPunjabi123454 jam yang lalu

    Women’s football is a comedy show.

  • Metodi Vlastanov
    Metodi Vlastanov4 jam yang lalu

    no way Soutgate plays this team! It will be Henderson,Maguire(if fit or Coady)LCD Stones,RCD Walker,RWB Trippier/Arnold,LWB Shaw,CDM Rice,Philips(Hendersen if fit)SC-Kane,RW Foden LW Rashford/Sterling ....

  • tyuhf sdftvhu
    tyuhf sdftvhu4 jam yang lalu

    Senator Alex Antic wrote, “Falun Gong practitioners have stood up for their beliefs in the face of incredible pressure and threats directed at them from the Chinese Communist Party, even while here in Australia. I would encourage adherents to continue to be proud of their history and traditions.” Senator Dean Smith and his letter Senator Dean Smith wrote, “Now, more than ever, Falun Dafa’s message of truthfulness, compassion and forbearance are an example to all of us - in Australia and around the world.” “On this World Falun Dafa Day, we celebrate the Falun Dafa mission to make society a healthier and more harmonious place.”

  • B altynya
    B altynya4 jam yang lalu

    Love to listen Mike Bisping he is hilarious 😂😂

  • Snow Leopard
    Snow Leopard4 jam yang lalu

    A rematch would be easy. Connor

  • Christopher Nana Kofi Guggisberg
    Christopher Nana Kofi Guggisberg4 jam yang lalu

    All this discussions means nothing because England will be beaten severely if they should cross paths with 🇫🇷 🇧🇪🇵🇹 🇩🇪 🇪🇸 Even 🇹🇷 based on recent form will give England a run for their money.

  • Phill Green
    Phill Green4 jam yang lalu

    Could have taken him out with some break dancing leg kicks 😂

  • Dan A
    Dan A4 jam yang lalu

    Needs a translator like Kane

  • Ahmed Tahmid
    Ahmed Tahmid4 jam yang lalu

    Why did Messi sat with that arrogantaldo?

  • Sasquatch10
    Sasquatch104 jam yang lalu

    It's encouraging to see Sancho, Grealish, Mount & Bellingham in all the squads.

  • sterlings daddy
    sterlings daddy4 jam yang lalu

    Tony Vs khabib. Or gaethje I'm down

  • Jack Hopkins
    Jack Hopkins4 jam yang lalu

    Edson at Featherweight is what I've always needed but just never knew. The division is so packed with Strikers, Edson fits perfectly

  • micheal james
    micheal james4 jam yang lalu

    Get rid of this midfield that can't create nothing or find. A final pass

  • Air Charter
    Air Charter4 jam yang lalu

    Leicester play n fight as a team - this is what football stands for. they don't need a check book manager n star players n yet produce result. Salute to the players, Brandon Rogers and the owner

  • LuManU
    LuManU4 jam yang lalu

    Nothing near what ranieri did.

  • LuManU
    LuManU4 jam yang lalu

    @BB wont qualify for chmpns lge and m still single.

  • BB
    BB4 jam yang lalu


  • John Jones
    John Jones4 jam yang lalu

    Tony’s not even half the man/fighter he used to be, what happened to him?

    MD OMEIR4 jam yang lalu

    Coming on Next: Olivieria Vs Mcgregor.!

  • Ächang wangsa
    Ächang wangsa4 jam yang lalu

    Every Champions are most humble person at first belt

  • Claw CN
    Claw CN4 jam yang lalu

    I hope they will retire at the same time

  • matric96
    matric964 jam yang lalu

    Was hoping for Vardy to yell out “OOH DANISH FRIEND”

  • Rinat Darkhan
    Rinat Darkhan4 jam yang lalu

    True owner …😍

  • Montalbanov
    Montalbanov4 jam yang lalu

    It would be interesting to have Tony as ring announcer

  • Bob Wallace Jnr
    Bob Wallace Jnr4 jam yang lalu

    Please come to Everton Mr Rodgers

  • Airbus Aviator
    Airbus Aviator4 jam yang lalu

    That Barry looks a very decent player.

  • Sean Toner
    Sean Toner4 jam yang lalu

    Hahahahaha unluckeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Dr.Sarikul Alam
    Dr.Sarikul Alam4 jam yang lalu

    Trent probably best play maker after KVD in England...still they are going with Reece / Walker / Tripper ..and interesting fact is ...these 3 are not even regular starter for thier clubs ... understand why England always failed in turnament 🤣🤣

  • Benezer Kom
    Benezer Kom4 jam yang lalu

    Next stop Champion league

  • jaswingnut
    jaswingnut4 jam yang lalu

    What a fight!

  • Leigh Raines
    Leigh Raines4 jam yang lalu

    Mine personally if everyone is fit Goalkeepers- Pope, Pickford, D.Henderson Defenders- Walker, Maguire, Stones, Shaw, Trent, Mings, Coady, Chilwell Midfielders- J.Henderson, Mount, Foden, Rice, Lingard, Grealish, Phillips, Bellingham, Saka Forwards- Kane, Sterling, Sancho, Calvert-Lewin, Rashford, Greenwood

  • Dr.Sarikul Alam
    Dr.Sarikul Alam4 jam yang lalu

    Pickford , Shaw , Maguire , Stones , Trent , Rice , Bellingham , Hendo , Sterling , kane , Sancho ...done and dusted

  • Monwabisi Mthoba
    Monwabisi Mthoba4 jam yang lalu

    Thomas tuchel has confidence in his them and has positive feedback

  • YORKSHIRE MAN outdoors
    YORKSHIRE MAN outdoors5 jam yang lalu

    Tony= Johnny cage 4 real